National Fire Safety Month: BFD at Local Schools

Did you know that October is National Fire Safety month?

Now you do.

You should go check your smoke detectors. Yes, do it now.  I’ll wait. You can finish reading this once you make sure your hearth and home are properly protected with fairly functional catchers of conflagrations.

This month the dedicated members of the Bedford Volunteer Fire Department were able to share their vast knowledge of all things fire-safety related with the littlest in our community.  They took time out of their schedules (sometimes that means time off work, or away from their own family, sometimes it just means they had to put off consuming their carefully prepared lunch of chicken flavored cup-o-noodles) to head round to the local institutions of education for the edification of our young people. The cup-o-noodles was probably cold by the time they got back.  It’s ok.  That’s why they make microwave ovens.

Children at Bedford Primary, Bedford Elementary, Otter River Elementary, Bedford Baptist Preschool and a group of homeschoolers were all properly educated on the basics of fire safety.

Featured Events of the program were:

*Stop, Drop and Roll- demonstrated ably by the fine men and women of the department.  Re-enacted gleefully by children everywhere.

*Every Second Counts, Plan two ways out- in other words, have an escape plan, make sure you have at least two. It’s always good to know your exits.  Just ask anyone who has ever been trapped by their over-sharing relative at the family reunion. No one ever needs that much information about bunions.

Swag was given out. A puzzle that took me an embarrassingly long time to put together that shares the basics tenants of fire safety. I never said I was particularly gifted in puzzles. Also a handy sack.  Good for emergency overnights at grandma’s house, or snacks at the soccer game, or all the crayons left on the table after your make your family escape plan and go over it with your kids.

If you need us, you know the number.